I shiver when the night falls.

For sleep I will not have in my bed.

Mama, you never told me marriage was like this,

For my husband is another in the night.

No… His not a night dancer. He doesn’t even snore

What he does is summed up in only one word



From January to December

I always have a bun in my oven

I never have time for my self

Am always looking after his very many children.

He tore my moon beads,

He threw away my pills,

He doesn’t want the injection,

My only hope for family planning

To him am not a woman

To him I have no say on my body

To him am not am equal


I never attend village weddings

I never attend women circles

How can I fit?

How can I be accepted?

Am the example they give……..

Don’t be like that woman they gossip.

She has a football team of children.


All the women burst out in laughter.

As am passing by from the local market.

Mama, I miss my youth

I miss my teenage

Gone are my succulent breasts

His children have sucked the life out of my breasts

Oh oh but it is him that I dread

For his teeth, don’t know tender breasts

Gone are my nice thighs

The thighs that would terrorize all the village boys

Oh oh in the night they disappear

For his styles in the night

Don’t know tender thighs like mine

I look older than I am.

I dress older than I am.

Mama Mama.

Not another night.

Not another night.

With my husband.

Am going back with you.

Am coming home to my,

Fathers house.


With the increased rate of unwanted pregnancies and abortions, most girls,women have no say when it comes to choosing and using a family planning method in. concentration is put on how many children the man wants and never what the woman wants so she suffers in silence.

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